[rc5] Key Buffer Question

Francois Jaccard fjaccard at webshuttle.ch
Tue Nov 4 00:57:22 EST 1997

I am running a PProxy on my Dec Alpha PC164 500Mhz, linux Red Hat 4.2, kernel 2.0.31.
I have it get 600 blocks to serve 4 clients (2 win98, 1 win95 and 1 Linux).
I would like the clients get 50 blocks and then send back the blocks as they are done so I put in the ini files "threshold=50:1" but it does not work! As soon as the client has 1 block ready, it is sent to the proxy as it should but it also retrieve one block.
Any idea why?
The clients (rc56401-win32-x86-cli.zip, rc56401-linux-alpha-cli.tar.gz) and the proxy (rc5proxyper-v2b252-linux-alpha.tar.gz) are the lastests from the ftp site.

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