[rc5] Key Buffer Question

Michael Zieger m.zieger at kem.ac.at
Tue Nov 4 22:19:35 EST 1997

At 00:57 04.11.97 +0100, Francois Jaccard wrote:
>I would like the clients get 50 blocks and then send back the blocks as
they are done so I put in the ini files "threshold=50:1" but it does not
work! As soon as the client has 1 block ready, it is sent to the proxy as
it should but it also retrieve one block.
>Any idea why?
They are working as they should! You should configure "threshold=50:50" at
the clients if you want them to send 50 blocks at once. Better would be
"50:49" to enable the clients to receive new blocks before the last one is
done, thus having no idle clients waiting for new blocks.

happy cracking, mike

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