[rc5] Quit your whining.

Povl H. Pedersen pope at my.terminal.dk
Tue Nov 4 21:51:07 EST 1997

>The stats are working , the line to the server is overloaded .
>The server and/or the connection will be moved to a better
>connected site. Remember with the new team design the server is
>a lot busier. The server is handling a larger load than it
>did on rc5-56 ( and that was about 10x the cyberian volume)

1. Move all the graphics to outside servers. Then we will cut down the
amount of traffic considerable (at least to half).

2. Move the DB to MySQL, and let other sites mirror it. Pushing the stats
as a mysqldumped gzipped -9'ed file would not be nearly as hard. And then
we would get around all those stupid Microsoft SQL server is not made to
support more than xyz simultaneous users but we are still the best messages.

>till the improved connectivity is available the server is
>offline during the office hours of the company where it is
>located (gmt - 0600)

What amount of traffic are we talking ?

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