[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Nov 4 16:06:30 EST 1997

hrdluk wrote:
> This is sad, what happened to the hacker spirit of finally taking the
> control of computers out of the priesthood and into the hands of the
> users.  Screw corporate uses.

You seem to have a problem with the concept of private property.
No, it does not hurt anyone when your dog dumps on my lawn, but
if I tell you to keep your dog off of my grass, you'd better do
it. Of course you can choose to ignore me, but that means that
you've also accepted the consequences of your decision. You have no
'rights' to the property of others, and if you try to take it away,
you can expect them to defend it.

> Who are you hurting?, any decent sysadmin
> would see the obvious benifit to all by the cracking of rc5.

Yah, she probably would. Funny thing, sysadmins might be in charge of
system maintenance, but they are not in charge of company policy.
If the boss says nothing but work, that's it. If it means that much
to you, go start your own company, make money, buy your own computers
and feel free to tell the employees that they can do whatever they
wish on the machines, except of course if you think it interferes
with what you want to do with the machines....

>  Anyone who doesn't imhfo shouldn't be running a computer.

Until you become the owner, employer, or in some fashion the one in
charge, your 'hfo' about who should and who should not be running
the computers doesn't really matter one fbit.

>  Again who is it
> hurting

Nobody obviously, neither is their decision to not run rc5 clients.
Except of course if they had already installed a program that was
scheduled to run as an idle task. Did not think too hard about this
did you?

Perhaps they were running a stock price simulation, or calculating
the the thickness of a seat belt that was supposed to hold a 200Kg
behemoth in her seat under 26g acceleration, and they noticed that
the performance of the program had fallen. It does not really matter.

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