[rc5] Key Buffer Question

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Tue Nov 4 14:08:12 EST 1997

>I am running a PProxy on my Dec Alpha PC164 500Mhz, linux Red Hat 4.2,
kernel 2.0.31.
>I have it get 600 blocks to serve 4 clients (2 win98, 1 win95 and 1 Linux).
>I would like the clients get 50 blocks and then send back the blocks as
they are done so I put in the ini files "threshold=50:1" but it does not
work! As soon as the client has 1 block ready, it is sent to the proxy as
it should but it also retrieve one block.
>Any idea why?

The client now defaults to update (as in fetch AND flush) on every
connection. This is how it works on my lowly Dec Alpha 166Mhz running
RedHat 4.2, and also how it works on NT.

I like it that way, as it keeps the buffer full, just in case of a network
Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net 
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