[rc5] stats problem

Christiaan cstoudt at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 4 14:12:17 EST 1997

I don't think the graphics are that much of a problem. If you really look 
at the site, there isn't much graphics at all. The side bar on 
www.distributed.net is on 18.8k.

Overall traffic is what is causing the problem. Mirroring the site on 
multiple systems would in the long run not help much. Especially 
considering the updates and size of a DB.

Think about where we are going with them. Imaging us with 50% more people 
than we have now...  We can do a simple fix now, but a long term fix should 
start being addressed...


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Povl H. Pedersen wrote:
> 2. Move the DB to MySQL, and let other sites mirror it. Pushing the stats
> as a mysqldumped gzipped -9'ed file would not be nearly as hard. And then
> we would get around all those stupid Microsoft SQL server is not made to
> support more than xyz simultaneous users but we are still the best 

the problem is users updating email and team passwords and team
afilliation, and the team coordinators updating team data.

all the changes would need to propagate to and from the mirrors.

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