[rc5] stats problem

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Tue Nov 4 17:31:19 EST 1997

'Brian B. Burton' said previously:
| Why not just have the "master" stats server "render" the pages as true html
| every 4 or 6 hours, then offload them to distributed "slave" stats servers?
| These pages would be  REALLY fast, as they aren't doing any backend work.

Perhaps a happy medium would work better -- cache the "rendered" page after
it's been rendered.  I doubt all 8000+ unique emails are all querying their
stats faster than they're being updated, so those people who keep querying
their own stats will get the cached copy so long as their own stats haven't 

Then you could just issue database diffs to all the mirrors, and the mirrors
would run the database in read-only mode (except for the updates).  Something
tells me that the stats database diffs would be more dense than the rendered
HTML, and producing it would be a lower computational cost.

Granted, if you had a round-robin DNS for the stats, then the effectiveness
of caching the rendered page would be diminished somewhat.  But, it would
still help some.

I think the biggest improvement would come from axing the graphics.  The 
actual HTML is alot smaller than the images.  And for some godfersaken 
reason, if I hit "Reload" in Nutscrape to get the fresh stats, NS insists
on getting a fresh copy of all the graphics too.


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