[rc5] stats problem

Dan Sugalski sugalskd at osshe.edu
Tue Nov 4 15:47:28 EST 1997

At 05:31 PM 11/4/1997 -0600, Joe Zbiciak wrote:
>'Brian B. Burton' said previously:
>| Why not just have the "master" stats server "render" the pages as true html
>| every 4 or 6 hours, then offload them to distributed "slave" stats servers?
>| These pages would be  REALLY fast, as they aren't doing any backend work.
>Perhaps a happy medium would work better -- cache the "rendered" page after
>it's been rendered.  I doubt all 8000+ unique emails are all querying their
>stats faster than they're being updated, so those people who keep querying
>their own stats will get the cached copy so long as their own stats haven't 

Yeah, but the problem is that, since your ranking is based on what other
people are doing, it can potentially change with any incoming block.

The database needed to provide the web stats would be a lot smaller than
the one required for the whole project. The problem is how to push even
this smaller amount of data out to the stats web servers, which you still
need to recruit.


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