lundis lundis at lundis.com
Tue Nov 4 20:08:00 EST 1997

 been using the win95 proxy since yesterday....
 the proxy seems to work fine *BUT* 
 IF it timeouts trying to send out to the keyservers it dumps the 
 completed keys rathering than keeping them buffered for a resend 
 The bug has been seen by myself and one other running the proxy...
 I have lost over 200 completed keys due to this....
 the error occurs either on the regular updates or a forced update 
 just the same.
 The author of the windows proxy should be made aware of this 
 potential error.
 When it timesout the onscreen log indicates such and the keys 
waiting  for notification drops to zero and the total notification 
received does not increment. Also it is to be noted that the online 
stats agree that the blocks were not in fact received and have 
become vapor.

 kmf at kmf.org
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