[rc5] stats problem

Slim slim at ipapilot.org
Tue Nov 4 21:02:29 EST 1997

What about a dedicated stats client/server setup? That is to say, a server
process would sit at rc5stats.distributed.net listening on some
agreed-upon port, accept a connection, take a query of an e-mail address
or team, send the data in some agreed-upon format, and close the
connection. If it's bandwidth and not processing power that's the problem,
then this would be a solution. The data could be encoded in a minimal
number of bytes. You could make up (and make public) some simple-as-hell
protocol, put up the server, and let all of us programmers write our own
Win32 and Mac clients, Perl/shell scripts, whatever, so long as it spoke
the correct protocol. Teams could query the data themselves, and put up
their own fancy-schmancy HTML stats pages on their own web servers for
their various team members to look at.


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