[rc5] stats problem

rc5 at amazing.ch rc5 at amazing.ch
Wed Nov 5 04:52:00 EST 1997

On Nov 4 Slim (slim at ipapilot.org) wrote:
> What about a dedicated stats client/server setup?
> Teams could query the data themselves,

That's already possible. Just put up a personal-proxy for your
Team and create your own Stats (see http://www.amazing.ch/rc5
for my Example).

I don't quite understand, where the Problem in creating Stats-
Mirrors is:

There are about 8500 emails and about 850 Teams (couldn't find
the exact number. I just use 1500 to get a "round" number in
my following calculations). The only thing which changes frequently
is the number of Block they submited.

To recreate the Stats as they are now, you just have to transmit
once all Email/Team-Name, -ID, -Startdate... That may be quite a bit
of Data, but it's not that much. Say it's 1KB for every Team and
every Email. Then it's about 10MB to transmit ONCE.

Then every Day, you have to send all NEW Emails and Teams. This
shouldn't be too much.

Also Every Day, you have to send all dayly Totals for every Team
and every Email. That's about 160KB (being generous and using
64BitNumbers :)

And maybe hourly, you transmit the current Total of every Team
and Email. That's again 160KB.

Then there are some more Numbers for the Main/CPU/OS-Stats. Again
being generous say 1KB.

Almost everything which is currently accessible on the StatsPages
can now be calculated localy by the StatsMirrors.

THAT amount of Traffic between the main StatsServer and it's
Mirrors could be handled by a 14400-Modem...

Where's the Problem?


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