[rc5] Linux PProxy question...

Michael Zieger m.zieger at kem.ac.at
Wed Nov 5 10:13:11 EST 1997

At 16:25 04.11.97 -0600, Jim Kalafut wrote:
>The Linux proxy seems to work fine but with one annoyance: when I run the
>proxy, if it is time to dump or get blocks it usually does that fine.  But
>after that point, it can never find the damn server again.  My workaround
>has been to set up a script that actually kills and restarts the proxy
>every 15 minutes just so it can do the necessary transactions.  Any hints? 
>BTW, it specifically says "Error finding host rc5proxy.distributed.net"

Maybe try to get a newer PProxy. I don't see such problems here. The error
message could be caused by problems with DNS lookup. Try to ping
rc5proxy.distributed.net, maybe your machine can't resolve the name.

bye, mike

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