[rc5] Quit your whining.

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Wed Nov 5 10:31:34 EST 1997

> From: David McNett <nugget at slacker.com>
> >And this, sadly, is far too typical of Cyberian.
> If I remember correct, on RC5-56 Effort, Bovine's statistics were offline
> over 50% of 250 days. First there really weren't statistics, then there
> statistics, which weren't reliable. Then they were offline again. And
> crashed other day.
> Heh, Cyberian's statistics worked better.
> --
> michael at netsonic.fi,

I think Nugget was referring to the constant whining about the importance
of stats being typical of cyberian... I seem to remember that was the
reason quite a small number of people left for cyberian... after they did,
the mailing list became much quieter...

Of course, let's argue the present, not the past.  Currently,
distributed.net's stats are better, mostly because they *have data*...
cyberian's stats don't exist because their clients don't exist.

To be honest, I can't understand why stats are so important to some people;
my keyrate is constant.  There is NOTHING I can do to raise it, and it's
not going to change appreciably during the course of one day, or a week for
that matter.  Initially, it's nice to see that you're going up in the
stats; but the excitement should wear out eventually.  Please, give nugget
a break.  Providing stats is not his life.  If everyone really wants stats,
we can all simply send him one dollar, and I'm sure he'll be happy to quit
his job and only do stats... (8000 people x $1, not bad...)

Mike "Silby" Silbersack
silby at execpc.com

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