[rc5] MkLinux client nonfunctional

Tom Pollard pollard at schrodinger.com
Wed Nov 5 08:33:28 EST 1997


The MkLinux/LinuxPPC client that was put on the clients page this weekend
fails on my machine almost immediately at startup with the message
"Illegal instruction".  This is a 200Mhz 604e running the latest update of
MkLinux.  I suspect the nonfunctional client was compiled with
machine-specific instructions for the PPC601 chip, or something like that. 

How do I get in touch with the person responsible for this client?
I'd be happy to help make sure it gets working.  There are a lot of free
cycles on this machine right now and I hate to see them go unused.



W. Thomas Pollard                                  Schrodinger, Inc.
pollard at schrodinger.com                       http://www.schrodinger.com/

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