[rc5] Quit your whining.

Haberlach, Adam HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
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>> Heh, Cyberian's statistics worked better.
>> --
>> michael at netsonic.fi,

>I think Nugget was referring to the constant whining about the 
>of stats being typical of cyberian... I seem to remember that 
was the
>reason quite a small number of people left for cyberian... after 
they did,
>the mailing list became much quieter...

Actually, I started the thread, and it was about the constant 
whining of someone about undisclosed source code, but it also 
applies to the whining of people about stats.

>To be honest, I can't understand why stats are so important to 
some people;
>my keyrate is constant.  There is NOTHING I can do to raise it, 
and it's
>not going to change appreciably during the course of one day, or 
a week for
>that matter.  Initially, it's nice to see that you're going up 
in the
>stats; but the excitement should wear out eventually.  Please, 
give nugget
>a break.  Providing stats is not his life.  If everyone really 
wants stats,
>we can all simply send him one dollar, and I'm sure he'll be 
happy to quit
>his job and only do stats... (8000 people x $1, not bad...)

	Couldn't have said it better myself.  And if everyone sends me 
$2, I'll have enough money to fly to wherever they are, buy a 
computer, and install it.  Or spend some money upgrading their 

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