[rc5] Quit your whining.

Michael Burman michael at netsonic.fi
Wed Nov 5 19:20:30 EST 1997

From: Christiaan <cstoudt at earthlink.net>
>It is all relative... The stats are working perfectly you just can't get to
>them. From Nugget's perspective he can sit and the computer and pull up the
>stats at any time. So they are working for him. If I drove over to the
>server and looked at them from the console I would see them and could say
>they are working.

Yeah right. If there ain't any stats and I ain't cracking, they are working.
And sure, that 8086 is worlds fastest prosessor, if these others are

But now, when I sit at home, stats aren't working. When I come home, they
aren't working. When I go to sleep, they aren't working. So, they aren't
michael at netsonic.fi,
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