[rc5] Quit your whining.

Edwin ten Dam etd at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed Nov 5 17:31:28 EST 1997

Thus spoke the keyboard of Michael Burman (05/11/97):

>From: Haberlach, Adam <HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu>
>>...of course, you could count them on your fingers if you had to.
>Go ahead. I doubt you could. And I doubt /\/ugget can make as good
>statistics. Now these statistics are quite funny. Only a little of
>information and not sure, if that correct either.

Sigh. The fact that the stats are off-line is due to the low bandwith with
which the stats computer is hooked up to the net. In other words, to many
people are checking the stats. This in turn means that either the stats
can't be that bad (since so many people are calling to see them), or that
Bovine is doing a good job of recuiting participants.

Now could all cyberian people please be quiet and code for their own
RC-5/64 effort? I can understand that you've got nothing going at the
moment, but could you please do something more constructive than whine
about *our* stats? (grud knows there's enough of that here already ;-)).
May I suggest:
1. Run a bovine client for the time being and call your team cyberian.
2. Finish coding your own clients/servers
3. Run one of the other distributed projects (GIMPS etc.) untill cyberian
is ready.

Now I would love to see a good european effort come off the ground and I
would consider joining you if there was a Mac client for it as cool as
Meggs'. Go and write me one and quit this "our obsolete stats were better
than your no longer relevant ones".

(who tried to be restrained after a bad day in the lab.)

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