[rc5] Quit your Finnish whining.

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Wed Nov 5 11:40:43 EST 1997

Michael Burman wrote:
> From: Haberlach, Adam <HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu>
> >...of course, you could count them on your fingers if you had to.
> Go ahead. I doubt you could.

Try this, I bet even you can do it:

	A) Hold your right hand in front of your face about
		20-30cm away from your nose.

	B) while holding your hand in this position, rotate it
		so that the side with the thumb on it is nearest
		your nose.

	C) maintain that general state while slowly bending your
		thumb and index finger until the tip of your thumb
		and the tip of your finger touch. You should have
		a form that looks kinda like this: 0

That's it. All it takes to display the Cyberian stats.

> And I doubt /\/ugget can make as good
> statistics. Now these statistics are quite funny. Only a little of
> information and not sure, if that correct either.

If there is so little information to be gained, why bother?

On another subject, this was the best I could do, would you
please provide me with your English version?

> Tervetuloa
> RC5-56 Project on ohi, oikea avain on 0x532B744CC20999.
> Kiitos kaikille osaanottajille.
The RC5-56 Project is over, the correct key is ... Thanks to all who
took part.
> Tulemme jatkamaan Cyberianin RC5-64 Effortissa, kunhan se
> aloittaa. Katsele sivuja tarkempaa infoa varten.
We will continue in the Cyberian RC5-64 Effort, as soon as it begins.
Watch the pages for futher info.
> Team Ankat on aloittanut Bovinella murtamisen noin
> väliaikaisratkaisuna. Mikäli kiinnostaa liittyä,
> Team #ID on 425. Tämä on HUOM! vain väliaikaisratkaisu,
> odottelemme Cyberianin Projectin alkamista, johon tulemme
> sitten kokovoimalla.

Something about Team Ankat being the, NOTICE!, only ,something, as
we await the Cyberian Project beginning, which we ,something, or

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