[rc5] Quit your whining.

Christiaan cstoudt at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 5 09:47:33 EST 1997

Ahh.. so we see that your life is so hard and that stats are the most 
important part right now. At least relatively.

Now. As far as I can see, you have yet to provide any ideas about how to 
fix the problem. I, along with others have provided ideas that might help 
make the stats a more stable entity.

As someone stated, set up a proxy and create your own stats.

So if you were running this whole combined effort, how would you resolve 
the issue? Sure you have $2500 a month to get a T3 line straight into the 
stats server? At that point I am sure that at least we could get to these 
"broken" stat servers. But then again it is some companies bandwidth we are 
using. Their money that is paying for the power and computers, so you have 
nothing to loose if you bitch about the problem.

There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism. But your not doing 
that, just bitching. How about some ideas???


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From: Christiaan <cstoudt at earthlink.net>
>It is all relative... The stats are working perfectly you just can't get 
>them. From Nugget's perspective he can sit and the computer and pull up 
>stats at any time. So they are working for him. If I drove over to the
>server and looked at them from the console I would see them and could say
>they are working.

Yeah right. If there ain't any stats and I ain't cracking, they are 
And sure, that 8086 is worlds fastest prosessor, if these others are

But now, when I sit at home, stats aren't working. When I come home, they
aren't working. When I go to sleep, they aren't working. So, they aren't
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