[rc5] Connecting thry a proxy.

Christopher C. Petro petro at playboy.com
Wed Nov 5 11:56:09 EST 1997

I have been running the Bovine RC-65 Client since last week on a powermac
here at work, but because of our (necessarily) facist firewall/poxy
server(s) I can't seem to connect to the key server.

This means that I cannot assist properly in a coordinated search, which
sucks, but it also means that whatever tiny chunk of the keyspace I do
manage to search has to be covered elsewhere.

I have tried using the HTTP proxy & expert mode settings (we have http &
smtp access out) to no avail. Is there anyway I can connect and get
assigned key blocks, or at least share what I have. If this can be done, I
have a few spare machine laying around (not real fast ones) and a couple of
servers (350 mhz. 604e's) that I may be able to get the client on.

Thanks for your assistance.

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