[rc5] Quit your whining.

Michael Burman michael at netsonic.fi
Wed Nov 5 19:47:28 EST 1997

From: Edwin ten Dam <etd at st-andrews.ac.uk>
>Sigh. The fact that the stats are off-line is due to the low bandwith with
>which the stats computer is hooked up to the net. In other words, to many
>people are checking the stats. This in turn means that either the stats
>can't be that bad (since so many people are calling to see them), or that
>Bovine is doing a good job of recuiting participants.

Yeah, fact is, they are offline. If you can't get things working, why are
you participating?

>Now could all cyberian people please be quiet and code for their own

I haven't see any "cyberian people".
michael at netsonic.fi,
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