[rc5] Quit your whining.

Povl H. Pedersen pope at my.terminal.dk
Wed Nov 5 08:15:28 EST 1997

>Povl H. Pedersen wrote:
>> 2. Move the DB to MySQL, and let other sites mirror it. Pushing the stats
>> as a mysqldumped gzipped -9'ed file would not be nearly as hard. And then
>> we would get around all those stupid Microsoft SQL server is not made to
>> support more than xyz simultaneous users but we are still the best messages.
>the problem is users updating email and team passwords and team
>afilliation, and the team coordinators updating team data.
>all the changes would need to propagate to and from the mirrors.

All update could be done on the central server.
How large is the database when dumped to an ascii file ? 50000 teams times
100 chars maybe ? That is 5MB, gzip'able to something less, like 2MB is my

If this is done every 2 hours, it should work.

We are talking distributed computing here. Or are we not ? :)

Lotus Notes is not good as a relational database, but it has the advantage
of being good at two-way replication of databases, so it would be more
efficient for distributed use as the changes could also be made
decentralized, and then replicated every hour or so. But Notes might demand
too many resources.

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