[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Povl H. Pedersen pope at my.terminal.dk
Wed Nov 5 08:27:31 EST 1997

"Sebastian Peitsch" <skywalka at teuto.de> wrote:

>>>> Apparently.  That's because you don't seem to know what you're
>>>> talking about.  People who value their jobs do what a sysadmin says,
>>>> whether it's brain dead or not.  Just the way most employees do what
>>>People just do what a manager says, even if it's braindead?
>>>Man, watch your words, I remember a certain guy called Adolf (the
>>>manager) and a whole bunch of employees going totally wrong about 50
>>>years ago.
>first I thought this one was one of the rather uninformed americans. But you
>are from Holland!!! How stupid are you? What you are comparing is one who
>tells you not to run aprogram and one who tells you to kill people. So you
>think, your *manager* if you're not self-employed, con becompared with
>Funny, very funny. Now tell him what you think about his orders and why you
>don't follow them.

I am from just north of Germany, and my grandfather was german blue blood.
My uncle is working as an office manager in Germany.

What he was saying is: People who value their jobs do what a sysadmin says
whether it's brain dead or not.

I can only agree here. You should not do everything you are told without
being critical and think about it. If something is wrong, then complain. I
have been doing this, and it means that more and more decisions goes over
my desk. People do like criticism if it is well considered.

But the sysadms are right. It can easily be considered a trojan (like the
'Good times' virus). And as there are no source available, how can I be
sure it does nothing bad ?

We need some company like IBM to sponsor the cracking effort. To release
the clients from an IBM site. Then it would be taken more seriously, and we
could get out on many work computers where we could otherwise not come.

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