[rc5] Stats After Hours

Scott Farrand sf at edmonds.ctc.edu
Wed Nov 5 13:02:06 EST 1997

>I was able to get in sometime around 7pm or 8pm (PST).
>On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Milton Forte II wrote:
>> Was I the only one unable to get the stats even after hours?

I couldn't get on last night in the 6pm (PST) range... but I could go
directly to my teams page (via the Link on our web page)... today that's
shutdown as well... :(

I've been using stats to determine if all of my clients are actually pumping
out stats... (recently I've been having problems determining this... and
since all of the clients are hidden...)

Hmmm... One thing that did help before is that there was an option to
actually see what IP's were submitting for a given team or e-mai laddress...
I wish that I had this again...

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