[rc5] Win32 client questions

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Wed Nov 5 13:59:41 EST 1997

I just joined the rc5 effort last week, so please bear with a few newbie

The NT clients seem to run overly slow on my machine.  I can get upwards of
230kk/sec on my 6x86-150 when running Linux.  However, the NT clients (both
svc and gui) max out about 115kk/sec.  I'm running the client at default
priority in all cases (zero, I believe).  It runs very 'nice' and even
allows VC++ to compile without too much delay but I'd like to get
near-Linux performance.  I'd really like to run Linux all the time, but I
get paid for writing Win32 code during the day (bummer, I know... anyone
have some Linux or Java contracts? ;-)  By the way, being a programmer, I
am curious what the various niceness levels are for Win32 (ie,

I've read some about the proxy servers but I don't fully understand what
they do.  Can someone explain this to me?  I have a 4-machine ethernet
network here with a Linux server setup to dial-on-demand and masquerade out
to The Net.  Would a proxy be of any benefit to me?


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