[rc5] Win32 client questions

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Wed Nov 5 17:36:25 EST 1997

>> >The NT clients seem to run overly slow on my machine.  I can get
upwards of
>> >230kk/sec on my 6x86-150 when running Linux.  However, the NT clients
>> >svc and gui) max out about 115kk/sec.  I'm running the client at default
>> 	I know I'm really shocked by this. I'd have to say that it is that
>> wonderful example of all things Microsoft that causes this delay.

Yup... make it bigger, slower, and pack it with thousands of options so
people need training classes.  <shudder>

> this all boils back to NT4.0 disabling the wb cache on the cyrix
>chip.  If you check some of the search engines, some guy has a site
>devoted to cyrix chips and he has a patch that will let you re-enable the
>cache.  It lets you get up to about 200 kk/sec.. still not the levels of
>linux, but much better...

Aha, the dirty little kernel programmers in Redmond really *are* working
with Intel!

This seems to be the correct answer to the problem, as far as I can tell.
The two fastest machines here are my 6x86-150 and a P133.  Their
performance looks roughly like this:

      Linux  NT
6x86   230   115
P133   180   170

I never thought to check the P133 to see if it suffered the same
performance hit.  Doh!  Thanks for the info.  I'll go scouring the web to
see what I can see.  Is this information posted on the Bovine web site?  I
think it would be helpful to quite a few folks out there.

By the way, do you know if Win95 has the wb cache disabled also?  It would
be very interesting to know.

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