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Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Wed Nov 5 21:48:35 EST 1997

'Rask Ingemann Lambertsen' said previously:

| Motorola m68k's? They are very nice CPU's to programme, suit C code
| well  and handcoding them in assembler is very straight forward. In
| addition, they have that all important rotate left instruction.

Let me clarify... The 68K processors are cool.  :-)  The TI-92
calculators are a bit obnoxious -- I don't believe in calculators which
won't fit discreetly into my book bag and look like a GameGear.  (I
think it's the TI-92 that I'm thinking of .. its whichever one actually
looks scarily like a Sega GameGear with four thousand buttons all over

Whatever happened to hand-held scientific calculators which only required
one hand?


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