[rc5] Win32 client questions

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Wed Nov 5 20:33:38 EST 1997

>this all boils back to NT4.0 disabling the wb cache on the cyrix chip.

I got the utility and installed it.  Admin seems to be the only one with
permissions to run it.  I have to login as Admin then out and back in as my
humble self.

I am pleased to say that the last block just went by at 217kk/sec.  Thanks
for the help, David!

If anyone knows how to set permissions such that "Everyone" can run a
program that installs a service on startup, please let me know.  The batch
file launches the executable, which then fails with some error about not
being able to get a handle.  For some reason "chmod 4755 instdrv.exe"
doesn't work... ;-)

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