[rc5] stats and v3

Eric Gindrup gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Nov 5 09:48:49 EST 1997

     I notice that another standard solution to the stats serving problem 
     hasn't been suggested: partition the data and distribute the parts.  
     E-Mail could be partitioned by leading character.  Teams could be 
     partitioned by team number.  Global stats would still have to be 
     served centrally, but could be updated in batches and diffs sent out 
     to the "mirrors".
     Also, a question on v3: Will there be a provision for remotely 
     changing the project mix on a client.  'Twould be an annoyance to run 
     around to a couple of dozen machines to change the work mix every time 
     a project finished or do the same thing every time a project started 
     for which you wanted to download/authorize new cores.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

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