[rc5] Buffer files

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Thu Nov 6 12:16:46 EST 1997

For anyone who has had trouble with any of the following:

1. Locked buff-out file is preventing you from flushing.
2. Mac client doesn't handle non-man buff-out files.
3. Wish to flush a mac buff-out file from a non-mac client.
3. Uncomfortable running a hex-editor, or don't want to take the time.

I've written a tiny applet that will fix this. The applet only runs on 
the mac, but will accept any buff-out file (mac or non-mac) and convert 
between the formats, and in the process unlocks the file. Converting from 
mac - to - mac just unlocks, etc.

Pitifully simple to write, actually, but I'm still not calling it a 
release version until someone with a PC, and someone else with a UNIX 
machine, tells me that it's creating a usable buff-out file for their 
system. I already know that the conversion works TO a mac, but I'm not 
positive about going TO another system.

To read the docs (all two paragraphs), just double click on the applet. 
To USE the applet, either run it by double-clicking the icon, or dropping 
a buff-out (or "BUFF-OUT.RC5") file onto it, and follow the on-screen 
instrucitons (it's complicated, you'll have to click ONE button.)

You can read more about it, and download the file, from here:

If you have any problems, please let me know!

Seth Dillingham

                  seth at snet.net
            Public Key available at

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