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Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 08:39:02 -0800
From: "Steven K. Knapp" <sknapp at optimagic.com>
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Subject: Re: I'm interested in FPGAs.  How do I start ?

Darxus wrote in message ...
|I know very little about FPGAs, and I wish to remedy this.
|I believe this technology may be within my price range, in fact, it may
|possible for me to be able to get a setup with a number of these chips.

I would recommend visiting The Programmable Logic Jump Station at
http://www.optimagic.com .  It has a comprehensive set of links to most
sites related to programmable logic including the device vendors, design
software, on-going academic and industrial research, newsgroups, books,
boards, consultants, etc.
|From what I have found, it seems that Xilinx makes good chips, but I do
|not know if there are commercially available PCI cards available with
|these chips.  If not, I am willing to get some schematics an learn to
|build a PCI card of my own.

You can find a variety of FPGA boards, including PCI cards, listed at
http://www.optimagic.com/boards.html .
|I like what I've heard of this technology, and it blows my mind that it
|not much more commonplace.

I agree wholeheartedly!

|Any and all information you can give me on where I can get this stuff,
|much this technology will cost me, how much power I can get for this
|(I'm looking for around $500 ?), and what I can do with it -- and how I
|can learn how to do what I can do with it, will be most greatly
Most of the available design software will cost you between $1,000 and
$5,000 and is available on Windows and UNIX on various platforms (the
specifics depend a lot on the vendor).  A list of available software is
at http://www.optimagic.com/software.html .  Specifics about the
platforms supported are at http://www.optimagic.com/cae_a_m.html .  Some
vendors also provide free or low-cost versions of the software for
evaluation purposes.  See http://www.optimagic.com/lowcost.html for more

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