[rc5] screwy cpu/os stats

Alex garbanzo at hooked.net
Thu Nov 6 23:27:05 EST 1997

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Ryan Dumperth wrote:

> "Anton Young noticed on the distributed.net stats page the rather
> intriguing possibility of the Mac OS on Alpha processors. Several
> readers point out that the possibility is unlikely, as there are
> several other operating systems running on "strange" platforms (e.g.,
> IRIX running on a 680x0; OS/2 running on a MIPS, Alpha and on 680x0
> HPUX running on a 680x0; Solaris running on PowerPC, PA RISC, 680x0,
> and also MIPS!)."

Uhh.  HP sells machines with 68040 cpus, or at least they did so HP-UX
will run on those, Solaris was ported to PPCs as was AIX, as IBM and
Motorola sold workstations with PPCs.  The rest, ?quien sabe?

- alex

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