[rc5] Connecting thry a proxy.

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Fri Nov 7 07:41:17 EST 1997

'wooledge at kellnet.com' said previously:

| With or without passwords?  It's not fascist unless you need a password.
| :-)

Mine needs a password.  :-)  And, if I screw up mistyping my password more
than a prescribed number of times, (eg. for authenticating myself for 
telnet sessions, what-have-you) I need to go reapply for my firewall
account.  :-)

| You may also wish to hard-code one of the round-robin DNS addresses for
| the key servers -- this was essential in 2.004, but I don't know if it's
| important in the RC5-64 clients; I did it anyway.

FWIW, I needed to hardcode the *hostname* of the RC5 proxy  on the
Windows, Linux, and Solaris clients I'm running.  Running strace on the
Linux client revealed that it was trying to do DNS on the proxy's name
even though I told it it was stuck in firewall-land.  Oddly, it
insisted on doing this *AFTER* it successfully started conversation
through the firewall...  It only seemed to do this if the name of the
proxy differed from the name it thought it had -- so neither IP
addresses nor the round-robin worked right.

The process looked something like this:

1) Look up firewall
2) POST a message through the firewall
3) Receive a response from the firewall
4) Try to DNS the RC5 proxy ... and die.

Once I hardcoded this, it looked more like

1) Look up firewall
2) POST a message through the firewall
3) Receive a response from the firewall
4) Repeat 2 & 3 several times to transfer blocks back and forth

| Also, I'm pleased to report that the support for
| fascist-HTTP-proxy-servers-with-passwords is working, at least with
| the linux-mt client and the ANS InterLock firewall, behind which 3 more
| worthy Linux boxes are now cracking away merrily.

It's working here, also, when I hardcode the hostname of the remote keyserver.


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