[rc5] w32 personal proxy

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Fri Nov 7 09:48:07 EST 1997

Jeff Lawson wrote:
> At 08:32 AM 11/6/97 +1100, Trent Muldoon wrote:
> >why is there no Rc5 95/NT proxy?
> There is. It is currently in final stages of public beta testing. Why
> aren't you:
> 1) aware of this?

There was no announcement. I found the version on the
page because I've been looking every day.

> The proxy download page has a link to the win32 proxy
> visible and the zip archive is on the ftp server along
> with those from the other platforms.

Yah, that version was not labelled 'beta' and did not work.
Not only did it not work, it ate ~4800 checked blocks while
acting as if it was working.

> 2) not subcribed to rc5-proxyper? The Win32 personal proxy
> has been the topic of most all of the recent postings.

Subscribing now, does not help you see messages in the past.
Neither does the archive. The last message found there is
from August.

> 3) posting to rc5-proxyper like you should be? That list is a more
> appropriate target for personal proxy issues.

Bah, I did post and got zero response. Now I post here, because
you respond here. Perhaps some other users will respond as well.

Here's the first note I sent to the proxyper mailing list:

Subject:w32 pproxy, did the original dump everything?
> Just tell me.
> I downloaded the w32 proxy and installed it the first day
> I saw it on the web page. Of course I put it online and
> let it pass the firewall. All of the machines that had
> been spooling random blocks immediately began to spill
> them out. According to the data displayed by the pproxy,
> all was fine. The next day, no sign of blocks, next, next,
> today, no blocks. Were all 4800 lost or not?

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