[rc5] win32gui client not using pproxy consistently

Randy McCaskill rmccask at comm-data.com
Fri Nov 7 13:57:09 EST 1997

The win32gui client I am running (it should be the latest) doesn't seem to
be using my pproxy consistently.  In the config I told it to use my pproxy
(running on a x86 linux box).  It seems to be using the pproxy about half
the time.  There should be no network problems reaching the pproxy and
there is no mention of network problems in the log files.  The client is
still crunching keys, but it is screwing up my stats from the pproxy since
all the blocks I crack aren't mentioned there.

Any ideas?

Randy McCaskill
rmccask at comm-data.com              ! Poodle... The other white meat.
http://www.comm-data.com/~rmccask/ !   -- Sherman's Lagoon

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