[rc5] Turning off the hidden Win95 client

Dave Kaupp dave.kaupp at cubic.com
Fri Nov 7 11:15:39 EST 1997

> I am using the hidden Win95 V2 client on a number of machines and I'm
> seeing the possibility that it is conflicting with an old DOS database.
> Out of prudence (and paranoia) I need to make certain that RC564H.EXE
> stops running when the database starts up. Is there a command line
> switch that will shut it down? 

 I also had a user complain about Excell running a bit sluggish when 
the client was running. I had been using the original hidden Dos 
client from day one. I removed it from the users machine.

 Is it possible to have the Win32Gui client have a 'Run between X 
time to Xtime ( 6PM and 8Am) local time' Option? I do not know how to 
set up crons on windows95, nor do I want to muck around too much with 
users machines just ot have it run at nights or on weekends.
Dave Kaupp     dave.kaupp at cubic.com      Ext 4438.
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