[rc5] Cubix 3001 processor board

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Fri Nov 7 14:14:50 EST 1997

This may be a bit "out there"... the tech guru at my company just removed
three Cubix QL 3001 network processor cards from an old file server.  These
are basically 386 computer-on-a-board setups that were designed to look and
act like diskless workstations on a Novell network.  From what I can tell,
they boot from a /login directory on a server or the local hard drive.

I tried plugging one into my Win95 system at home, and nothing happened...
when I ran the driver utilities that I downloaded from
http://www.cubix.com/ I was told that Novell Netware was not installed.

I guess the question is: can three 386's from 1991 provide enough
key-cracking power to be worth the time that would be involved in trying to
figure out how to make them think they're in a file server?  Or would I be
better off sneaking the Bovine client onto some unsuspecting someone's
Pentium? ;)


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