[rc5] Turning off the hidden Win95 client

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Fri Nov 7 16:22:05 EST 1997

|  Is it possible to have the Win32Gui client have a 'Run between X 
| time to Xtime ( 6PM and 8Am) local time' Option? I do not know how to 
| set up crons on windows95, nor do I want to muck around too much with 
| users machines just ot have it run at nights or on weekends.

Can you set it up in System Agent?  (Click on the little icon with the
clock and calendar superimposed on a window over in the desktop tray.)
It's Win95's equivalent to cron.

I think there's a flag/config option where you can tell the client to
run for XXX hours or XXX blocks per run.  (At least, that option exists
on the Solaris and Linux clients.)  Between System Agent and that option
you should be able to get the desired effect.



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