[rc5] Cubix 3001 processor board

Oliver Atkins oliver.atkins at university-college.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Nov 7 22:44:15 EST 1997

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Jeff Woods wrote:
RB>> I guess the question is: can three 386's from 1991 provide enough
RB>> key-cracking power to be worth the time that would be involved in
RB>> trying to figure out how to make them think they're in a file server?
JW> Hell, I have TWENTY of these cards -- they are the ones that have TWO
JW> 386's on each.   I've decided it ain't worth the time to set them up,
JW> [...]
JW> I'll install a client on a working machine, but I can't take the time
JW> to pull up VERY slow obsolete machines to do so -- I estimate it'd
JW> take me two full days to get all of them working with connectivity,
JW> and I can't afford that.

Well, if the cards are just lying around doing nothing, would you be
prepared to let anyone else try to get them to work? If people are talking
about programming FPGA chips and designing PCI boards to boost their
keyrates, there must be _someone_ out there who'll spend a weekend to gain
another 1/2 GKey/s (heck, it's more than 3 times what my box is doing).

I'd offer myself, but (1) I don't know anything about Novell networks or
diskless processor boards and <2> I'm in England and judging by the
emails' timezones, I'm guessing that you and Robert Brooks aren't :-)

Anyone out there in the right area who wants to try the challenge?

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