[rc5] rc5 docs.

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Fri Nov 7 19:02:46 EST 1997

> Does this slow the client down, or is there some reason it is disabled
> by default?  Up until now on my Win95 I had been losing quite a few

There's no significant overhead to this.  It's disabled by default 
because the checkpoint files shouldn't be shared, as many buffer 
files are.

> blocks to crashing because I didn't have the checkpoint files setup.  I
> know some blocks have been resumed if the client properly shuts down
> though this doesn't always happen for some reason.  At one point when I
> had 90% of the block finished I quit and restarted only to "lose" the
> block (doh!).

If the client has time to shut down smoothly, the checkpoint files 
are cleared.  They're only 'useful' if the client dies unexpectedly.

-- Tim 

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