[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Sat Nov 8 12:42:34 EST 1997

Matthew L Bennett (lord_buttmonkey at juno.com), on 11/8/97 12:54 AM, wrote 
the following:

>Now *that* is a load of bull.
>If your sysadmin declares nothing of yours, even if done legally, can't
>be run on "his" computer(s), that certainly seems Nazi-like.

Um, excuse me Lord Buttmonkey, WHAT?

It's Nazi like to tell someone not to run something on your own computer?

I realize that the sys admin does not OWN the computer, but they've been 
given the responsibility to act as if they do, and to make sure that only 
the things they approve are running on that computer. It's their job. If 
some choose to be lenient, that's their right, but they don't HAVE to do 

This whole thread is ridiculous, and I wish it would die (but not enough 
to let the Lord Buttmonkey comment go by :). How does "nazi" and "you 
can't run that program on this computer" equate? How old are you, anyway? 
As my favorite TV ads would say, "Chucklehead!" (that's from the Lotus 
ads, a company I don't have any love for, but the ads are funny.)

Now, Matthew, I'm just kidding around here, please don't call me Hitler 
or anything.


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