[rc5] Accelerating computations.

Perry Lucas perry3 at usit.net
Sat Nov 8 20:27:51 EST 1997

	I recently just added my PII 300 the effort, but was wondering why it
wouldn't be possible to convert some video accelerators to do the
computations.  For instance, the 3DFX chipset outperforms the pentium in
math computations relative to graphics.  It is  currently designed souly
for graphic usage,  however, I am sure client software could be piped
through DirectX to take advantage of the processing power of these chips by
using write screen and read screen commands.  And with the VooDoo 2 chipset
on the way, doing 50 BOPS (Billion Opertations Per Second) would surely be
more advantageous.  (For those quake fanatics, it runs quake at 100+ frames
per second at 640x480...)

--Perry Lucas
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