[rc5] Thinking of an Alpha

Michael Zieger m.zieger at kem.ac.at
Sun Nov 9 13:25:26 EST 1997

At 20:06 08.11.97 -0500, Brian Neal wrote:
>Whoops!  I added an extra 0, it really costs $1,600...
>Still, thats quite a bit for a tape drive...

You don't have to have a DEC Alpha. OEMs also sell Alpha based systems,
even with "normal" PC equipment. At least in Austria and Germany, "VOBIS"
sells Alpha systems with either IDE or SCSI drives for only a few buckets.

To the tape drive: Isn't it a normal SCSI-drive? You can buy a SCSI tape
drive where you want and connect it to the SCSI bus, no matter which system
it is.

save money, buy cheap!

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