[rc5] Thinking of an Alpha

Michael Zieger m.zieger at kem.ac.at
Sun Nov 9 13:19:52 EST 1997

At 22:57 08.11.97 GMT, John Ragland wrote:
>Thanks to this project, I'm thinking of upgrading from a P133 to an
>Alpha 800 when it comes out. I have never before had a program where a
>really fast processor would be really useful. When I upgrade the MB, I
>guess I'll have to upgrade from win 3.1 to Linux also.  :)
I think upgrading from the Intel to the Alpha platform is not that easy. At
least, your PCI cards must have an Alpha-aware BIOS. You should think of
that before upgrading. Maybe you can tell me when you upgraded, how easy it
was? I was also thinking of upgrading to an Alpha... (What's the "Alpha 800"?)

>  Heh, I'll
>have a more powerful computer than My ISP, it'll practically be a
>mainframe, without the mainframe headaches.
Yeah, that's right.

bye, mike

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