[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Kevin van Haaren KvanHaaren at HNTB.com
Sun Nov 9 16:26:01 EST 1997

I don't think you understand a sys admin's job.  The computer on the
desk is not "yours" anymore than the chair, desk or phone is.  Its not
the sysadmin's either, its the "company's".  The company dictates its
use, the same way they dictated your job description (basically they
dictate what you're supposed to do everyday). Don't like the policy?
Quit (last time I checked this wasn't an option in Nazi Germany).

Part of the sysadmin's job is enforcement of company computer policy.
If he/she didn't agree with the policy, again they can quit (its even
easier for a sysadmin to quit - jobs are really easy to come by for even
a mediocre one).

In our company are basic policy is that the company will provide you
what you need to run your computer.  If you can justify it, we'll buy it
for you.  Users are not to install their own software.

Enforcement is a different issue, we'll look the other way most of the
time - but if you call with a problem that can be traced to
non-supported software (either the installation of it or the program
itself) then we remove it, no questions asked.  We'll also pull a
program that aversly affects the whole system (we're about to pull
pointcast because of the amount of network traffic we're seeing from

I'm not about to spend 4 hours (or even 2 hours) screwing around on your
computer to get Word to work, because you went and installed Quattro Pro
and it screwed up the computer.  We pull Quattro Pro, reinstall Word and
you can actually do your job (and I can do mine).

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> >>People just do what a manager says, even if it's braindead?
> >>Man, watch your words, I remember a certain guy called Adolf (the
> >>manager) and a whole bunch of employees going totally wrong about 50
> >>years ago. 
> >
> >I find it rather distasteful that you have compared office politics
> >with the Holocaust.
> Well, send in the jackbooted gestapo, he's offended someone.
> >I doin't care *HOW* braindead the reasons may be, or if they give a
> >reason at all.  If they don't want the clients running on their
> >machines, then the issue is settled.  They can do that: They own
> their
> >machines.  It is by no means comparable to Nazi Germany.
> Now *that* is a load of bull.
> If your sysadmin declares nothing of yours, even if done legally,
> can't
> be run on "his" computer(s), that certainly seems Nazi-like.
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