[rc5] Re: Availability of Bovine source code

RC5 Team Nite Hawk rc5 at nitehawk.premier1.net
Mon Nov 10 04:41:37 EST 1997

>> > The only reason I'm not participating in Bovine is because the
>> >source is not freely available. No one is privy to my spare cycles
>> >unless they're honest enough to show me their source code.
>>  But then that leaves the Bovine code open to hacking and such things. If
they are >willing to
>> gaurantee that it does not conflict with what I would ask, then that
should be good >enough.

>Yes and No. I think that with the new version, the distributed.net
>definition will be of a protocol. Since multiple, independent projects
>are supported, it will become a matter of each group to decide if they
>want to distribute source.

Source will be availiable for *ALL* clients and cores. There is not going to
be any exception to this.

>Of course, that does leave the option for some dishonest user to find a
>way to cheat (for example, with the rc5 project to just return
>immediately saying it tested all blocks). There is little benefit to this
>sort of activity, but that has never stopped anyone before.

Part of the spec for the new version is intended to prevent this problem.

Look at the V3 spoilers that Duncan has sent around for more information on

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