[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

hrdluk cdevine at monet.csc.vill.edu
Mon Nov 10 05:54:40 EST 1997

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Paul West wrote:

> Kevin van Haaren wrote:
> > I'm not about to spend 4 hours (or even 2 hours) screwing
> > around on your computer to get Word to work, because you
> > went and installed Quattro Pro and it screwed up the computer.
> > We pull Quattro Pro, reinstall Word and you can actually do
> > your job (and I can do mine).
> Not only that, there is the issue of copyright infringement.
> The user installs a copy of Quattro-Pro, or anything else for
> that matter, on his work computer.Where did the copy come from.
> Lets say that the Software police show up the next day, and want me to
> produce a licence for that copy of Quattro-Pro.  I can't, the 
> company doesn't own it.
> Now, not only is that user unemployed, I may be also for not
> enforcing company policy.

Oh come on, Software Police? what are you talking about?  You and I both 
know you are talking out of your ass.  And while we're at it, I'd like to 
express the fact that I use pirated software, I run bovine on computers 
that I don't own but do operate, whose owners do not know or can even 
understand what encryption is, and I go faster that 55mph on the 
highway.  How about you spread your pitiful morals somewhere else and 
start talking about cracking.  This list is starting to sound like a 
bunch of tired old has-beens who shout "rule #1, CYA"  twelve times a 
day,  have yet to grow a set of balls and conform to every company policy 
handed down by management.  once again cracking not company policy 

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