[rc5] Re: Availability of Bovine source code

Lathrop Preston lp0027 at drake.edu
Mon Nov 10 08:24:40 EST 1997

>I *think* distributed.net recognizes that this method of security is...
>not secure at all. That would explain why they've already announced that
>the (currently vaporous) v3 clients will be source-available.

I have one question. If the v3 clients are going to be source available why
are the v2 sources being released now?  Seeing as we already have a chunk
of keys out of the way even if someone was too get the source and modify it
would they realy have time to catch up?  Anyway when v3 comes out I think
the v 2 source should be released seein that it will them be outdated

Granted I am a CS major but I have a strong interest in seeing that code as
I am interested in RC5 and distributed computing.

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