[rc5] Re: Availability of Bovine source code

Richard Freeman rfreeman at netaxs.com
Mon Nov 10 09:51:55 EST 1997

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Lathrop  Preston wrote:

> would they realy have time to catch up?  Anyway when v3 comes out I think
> the v 2 source should be released seein that it will them be outdated
> mostly.

Not sure if this would be a factor or not - I'm not quite sure how you
would implement this.  However, if the v3 clients were set up in a way
that makes authentication and detection of malicious clients possible but
v2 is not set up in this way, and if they plan on continuing to support v2
clients, then it would be best to never release v2.  Of course, if v3 does
not do anything that makes the source "safer", then it doesn't really
matter if they release v2.  Dittos if they plan on making v2 obsolete.  I
know that I would be curious to look at the source myself, despite not
being a CS guy...

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