[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Marcus Rugger rugger at iglou.com
Mon Nov 10 10:43:21 EST 1997

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, hrdluk wrote:

> Oh come on, Software Police? what are you talking about?  You and I both 
> know you are talking out of your ass.  And while we're at it, I'd like to 
> express the fact that I use pirated software, I run bovine on computers 
> that I don't own but do operate, whose owners do not know or can even 
> understand what encryption is, and I go faster that 55mph on the 
> highway.  How about you spread your pitiful morals somewhere else and 
> start talking about cracking.  This list is starting to sound like a 
> bunch of tired old has-beens who shout "rule #1, CYA"  twelve times a 
> day,  have yet to grow a set of balls and conform to every company policy 
> handed down by management.  once again cracking not company policy 

Let's take a look at this from a somewhat different perspective shall we?
I'm responsible for a network of about 60 machines mostly running NT
Workstation. Not a large network, but not real small either.  When I found
out about the Bovine rc5 effort I downloaded the client and tested it off
hours for over a week before becoming satisfied that it did not interfer
with any applications we run and did not interfer with the performance of
our machines.

Being satisfied of this I installed the NT system service client on all of
our machines.  Much to the dismay of many of our employees.  You see, they
saw their cpu pegged at 100% all the time in their task managers and were
convinced it was consuming all of their system resources.  Some complained
to me that their systems were dog slow.  I investigated these and could
not find any evidence what so ever that was the case.  But a users
perception is often times more important than reality.

One user even complained to my boss asking that it be removed.  I'm must
say that I'm somewhat surprised he didn't make me remove it.  It is
certainly within his authority to.  Cracking rc5 has nothing to do what so
ever with what our company does and with all the other issues we have to
deal with every single day, adding this one is totally unnecessary.

But it seems he saw a bigger issue here.  No, not cracking rc5.  The issue
he saw was that the company has the right to run whatever it wants on its
machines.  Trusting that I did test the client thoroughly and that it was
not interefering with the performance of machines, he let me keep it on
the machines.

I have since decided to remove the clients and have no intention of
reinstalling it.  RC5 has nothing to do with our business and my
responsiblities must first be to the company and not my whims.

Live and learn.


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